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"If they showed you what they showed me, you wouldn't have released it either"…

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President Trump has a reputation for delivering on his promises, facing down every obstacle the Uniparty and the Deep State could muster, and always battling fiercely for the American people. However, there was one promise he didn't quite fulfill: the release of the JFK assassination records. Snarky reporters at the Associated Press covered this story back in April 2018.


President Donald Trump boasted last fall that he would open all remaining John F. Kennedy assassination records. So far, Trump hasn't made good on the "great transparency" he promised then.

Trump announced on Thursday that the public must wait another three years or more before seeing material that must remain classified for national security reasons — more than five decades after Kennedy was killed Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The National Archives released its last batch of more than 19,000 records on Thursday. But an undisclosed amount of material remains under wraps because Trump said the potential harm to U.S. national security, law enforcement or foreign affairs is "of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure."

He ordered the CIA and other agencies to take yet another look at each blacked-out section of their documents during the next three years to see what more can be released.

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What a POS asshole Trump turned out to be.