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NY Subway Rider Who Shot Assailant With His Own Gun Won't Face Charges

•, by Tyler Durden

In a welcome departure from a pattern in which self-defenders and intervening good Samaritans are made into criminals, a man who disarmed his assailant on a New York subway train on Thursday and shot him in the head with his own gun isn't facing any charges, the Brooklyn district attorney's office has announced.   

"The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing," said DA spokesman Oren Yaniv on Friday, "but, at this stage, evidence of self-defense precludes us from filing any criminal charges against the shooter."

Thursday's A-train mayhem -- which also appears to include a stabbing of the assailant by a third-party -- was captured on cell phone video. It shows 36-year-old Dajuan Robinson, a black man, standing and hovering menacingly over seated 32-year-old Younece Obuad, and issuing a stream of threats and racial hatred that spanned minutes... 

 "I'll beat you up...fuck you...fuck your kind...fuck your something about it..."

The tirade includes verbiage that indicates Robinson was motivated at least in part by anti-migrant bias. "You think you're gonna beat up cops?" he asked repeatedly. As the New York Post notes, a woman in the video can be heard saying, "He thinks you're a migrant, he thinks you're an immigrant," likely referring to the incident in which a migrant mob attacked two cops in Times Square in January. 

Eventually, Obuad stands up and takes a fighting stance as passengers start moving to another section of the moving subway car. He and Robinson trade blows, before the larger Robinson pins up to a seat. At that point, an unidentified woman appears to stab Robinson in the blood can be seen starting to drench his shirt after she struck his lower back and withdrew. 

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What! Doesn't deep blue NYC believe in No good deed should go unpunished?