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New Paradigm Ideas that Make a Difference for Everyone!

•, By Paul A. Philips

Many of us are concerned that humanity may be heading for off the cliff. This could happen if nothing is done to intervene: The current paradigm needs to break down and make way for a higher order. We need new paradigm ideas, bring them into existence, into being, to take us away from the doom and gloom and create a world that makes a difference for everyone.

Putting resignation or cynicism aside, let's get active instead. Get the idea of putting something into the future so that it will be there. What do you want to see? What ideas do you have that will contribute towards a more humanitarian future, a world that makes a difference for everyone? One where ultimately you can see humanity growing and thriving. Remember, if you're unable to see it, then you can't manage it, and after all, aren't we the imagination of ourselves?

Although we are far from out of the woods, here at least are some ideas, thoughts and suggestions as solutions needed for getting active. For creating that world that makes a difference for everyone.

Changing the Mindset/Viewpoint for a new paradigm

How do we get past the current broken and corrupt system? How do we change our mindset/viewpoint and move on with new paradigm (theoretical/practical) approaches to re-route the slow-motion train that's taking humanity off the cliff? Remember, we must get past the major barrier, dogmatic closed-mindedness, as this contributes to stultified growth.

What perspectives would the new paradigm approaches have for a new world? What about transitory strategies? What about reformations…? Bear in mind that they should be easy to understand, have self-sufficiency, stay nurturing and sustainable.

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