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Anti-Trump Neocons Raising $50 Million To Keep Open-Border Democrats In Power

•, by Tyler Durden

Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), headed by Bill Kristol ally and GOP strategist Sarah Longwell, will use the money to deploy a series of anti-Trump ads on streaming platforms, billboards, radio and digital media, The Hill reports.

The ads will run in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Longwell believes the anti-Trump coalition built up in 2020 was one of the determining factors in that contest, and that expanding the demographic in 2024 could be a determining factor in whether Trump returns to the White House.

"Former Republicans and Republican-leaning voters hold the key to 2024, and reaching them with credible, relatable messengers is essential to re-creating the anti-Trump coalition that made the difference in 2020," Longwell, the president of the group's Republican Accountability PAC, said in a Tuesday statement. -The Hill

"It establishes a permission structure that says that — whatever their complaints about Joe Biden — Donald Trump is too dangerous and too unhinged to ever be president again. Who better to make this case than the voters who used to support him?" Longwell continued.

The rubenesque Longwell and Kristol are behind "Republicans for Ukraine," which was launched last August and exists to convince congressional Republicans to protect Ukraine's borders, as opposed to America's.

In order to sell the Ukraine support, the group planned to similarly launch ads online, on billboards, and on nationwide television.

"It was alarming in the focus groups to see so many Republican voters talk about Ukraine or [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky in disparaging terms," said Longwell. "But we also knew, running focus groups, that there were plenty of people who still kind of had the belief that we should be supporting Ukraine, that it was important to stand up against invading forces."

Important to stand up against invading forces? On which border?