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Speaker Mike Johnson says he's planning vote on Ukraine and Israel aid with Democrat...


Speaker Mike Johnson revealed that he expects the House to hold a standalone vote on Israel and Ukraine aid as pressure builds from the Senate after it passed foreign aid package last month. 

He insisted he would not be pressured to rush the Senate package to the floorm as the White House says Ukraine's need for defense aid is urgent to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin at bay. 

'We will work the will of the House,' Johnson said during a fireside chat at the House GOP retreat. 

'No one wants Vladimir Putin to prevail,' he went on. 'I'm of the opinion that he wouldn't stop in Ukraine. If he was allowed, he would go all the way through Europe.' 

'I understand the timetable and understand the necessity of the urgency of the funding,' the speaker said, adding that the House would not work through foreign aid until the government funding fight for fiscal year 2024 is completed. 

'I think it is a stand-alone, and I suspect it will need to be on suspension,' Johnson later told Politico of foreign assistance. 

Suspension requires a two-thirds majority and wide Democratic support. Johnson uses the procedure when he can't pass a rule for legislation, since passing the rule relies on Republican-only votes.