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Tyson Foods BOYCOTTED as it sacks 1,300 staff at Iowa pork plant and offers...


Angry shoppers are boycotting Tyson Foods products as the $53-million meat firm shutters plants in Iowa and elsewhere while hiring thousands of asylum seekers at job fairs in New York.

Campaigners are urging consumers to stop buying Tyson products amid its wave of closures of poultry- and meat-processing plants across Iowa, VirginiaArkansasIndiana, and Missouri.

They point to Tyson's efforts to hire thousands of asylum seekers in New York, offering $16.50-an-hour wages and free immigration lawyers, accusing the firm of ditching US-born workers for cheaper migrant labor.

America First Legal, a conservative action group launched by former Trump administration officials, warned Tyson that it could be breaking the law by favoring foreign-born workers over Americans.

'It is ILLEGAL under federal law to discriminate against American citizens based on their citizenship in favor of non-citizens of any kind when it comes to employment,' the legal action group posted online.

Tyson Foods, based in Springdale, Arkansas, which made $52,881 million in sales last year through its Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Wright, Aidells, and other brands, did not answer's requests for comment.

The boycott raises tough questions for Tyson's $13 million-a-year CEO Donnie King, who has led the firm since 2021, during which time it has funded the campaign chests of President Joe Biden, Nikki Haley and others, according to Open Secrets. 

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