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Migrant crisis costs NYC taxpayers $10MILLION EVERY DAY:


New York City is spending on average $387 each day on every migrant household in taxpayer-funded shelters despite efforts from Eric Adams to slash expenditure. 

The $387 is the 'cumulative per diem' - which is the average amount spent on a migrant household, including providing them shelter and food, every day since the crisis began in Spring 2022.

February's average was down $5 from the reported expenditure in October 2023, when around 65,400 migrants were in shelters. 

The number has been gradually going down every month since October and is projected to stay on a declining trajectory. 

Based on the average US household containing 2.5 people, there are 26,100 households in the Big Apple's migrant shelters. 

This forecasts over $10.12 million per day being spent on migrants in the city.

However, the majority of people coming through the southern border and finding their way to New York City are single individuals - meaning that the average household among the migrant population may be less than 2.5.  

There are efforts from NYC to slash the amount of government funding being spent on migrants and reduce the number of asylum-seekers in taxpayer-funded shelters. 

Since October, the total migrant population under city-care has gone down by at least 600.

Mayor Eric Adams' administration have been working to combat the migrant crisis, which has been predicted to cost the city $10 billion over next fiscal year. 

'In the last two months, Mayor Adams has laid out plans to save billions of taxpayer dollars as New York City manages a national humanitarian crisis, and the numbers show that our efforts are working,' a City Hall spokesperson told The Post on Tuesday, adding that they 'expect to save $2.3 billion by next summer.'