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Grover Cleveland: The Last Good Democrat

• Mises

After the War to Prevent Southern Independence and the assassination of Lincoln the federal government was said to possess a "treasury of virtue." The Republican Party, which was the federal government, with a decades-long monopoly of power rivaled only by the Bolsheviks in Russia, made sure that the government-run schools would preach this Virtuous State Philosophy to generations of school children.

And what did the Party of Virtue do with its "treasure"? A first order of business was to commence a campaign of ethnic genocide against the Plains Indians. Initiated just three months after the end of the war, and with Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan in charge, all of the Plains Indians — women and children included — would be either murdered or imprisoned on government reservations ("where they can be watched," said Sherman) by 1890. The Party of Virtue even cynically recruited ex-slaves (the "Buffalo Soldiers") to assist in its campaign of genocide against another colored race.

The Party of Virtue also broke up the union, which it had supposedly just "saved," by disenfranchising all the adult white male southerners and denying them congressional representation unless the southern states ratified the 14th Amendment. At the same time, every last adult male ex slave was registered to vote Republican, and assisted in the Republican Party's twelve-year plundering expedition in the South, also absurdly known as "Reconstruction."

Onerous taxes were imposed on a region that was in dire need of tax amnesty. Property taxes in South Carolina, for example, were thirty times higher in 1870 than they were in 1860. The purpose of such confiscatory taxation was to force southern property owners to either pay bribes to Republican Party hacks employed as tax collectors, or sell them their land at fire sale prices. Nothing much was "reconstructed" but a great many carpetbaggers became very wealthy.