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SpaceX Starlink is Coming to All Cars and is Close to Cable Internet Latency

•, by Brian Wang

There have been people taking flat satellite dishes and attaching them to their cars. The SpaceX Starlink picture suggests that SpaceX Starlink will make a flat dish that would be built into the roof of a car, truck or SUV or attached with minimal drag and other issues.

A car or truck highspeed Starlink service would be a capability that other providers would not be able to compete other than the mobile 5G internet services which have large coverage gaps during road trips.

Starlink engineering teams have been focused on improving the performance of our network with the goal of delivering a service with stable 20 millisecond (ms) median latency and minimal packet loss.

Starlink now has over 2.6M+ customers.

Over the past month, SpaceX have meaningfully reduced median and worst-case latency for users around the world. In the United States alone, we reduced median latency by more than 30%, from 48.5ms to 33ms during hours of peak usage. Worst-case peak hour latency (p99) has dropped by over 60%, from over 150ms to less than 65ms. Outside of the United States, we have also reduced median latency by up to 25% and worst-case latencies by up to 35%.

In the first two months of 2024, Starlink teams have deployed and tested 193 different satellite software builds, 75 gateway software builds, 222 Starlink software builds, and 57 WiFi software builds.

In 2023, Google Fiber as the only Broadband Upload Speed with a score of over 100 Mbps 106.9Mbps across the whole U.S. AT&T FTTH and Verizon FTTH are in second and third place respectively.