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Heart of Darkness: The Denver Airport


I am more aware of it than ever, but this wasn't always the case. The Denver Airport is a great example of this symbolism being "hidden" in plain sight.

If you've ever driven to Denver International Airport, you know there is a vast stretch of fairly desolate land as you approach the modern structure that is the main airport. One of the first things you are likely to see is the 32-foot Blue Mustang statue. It's an electric blue, anatomically correct 9,000-pound statue affectionately known as Blucifer the Devil Horse. Also called Satan's Steed, the statue with red glowing eyes actually played a part in its creator's death. Artist Luis Jiminez actually died when a piece of the sculpture fell on his leg and severed an artery. But it's fine, and not satanic, even though the first thing that pops into the minds of many upon seeing it is -Revelation 6:7-8, the Bible's famous "behold the pale horse" verse.

Despite many petitions by citizens to remove what many regard as a satanic statue (the red glowing eyes are a clue), the statue remains. The bad part of this story is that Blucifer is the least of our concerns when it comes to the Denver airport.

There's a big clue when one does a Google search on "satanic Denver airport". Article after article comes up as "debunking conspiracy theories". That is the first clue that we are on to something.

Not everything in the airport is evil. If you've been on the train, you've seen the 5,280 propellers that change formation as the train passes. The number represents the mile-long train track and the mile-high city.

But everything else is quite strange. There are things in plain sight, but many, like me, never noticed them because I was usually rushing to a gate. Actually, gargoyles are everywhere. And occult symbolism is, too.