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Ukraine War: We'd Follow the Money, if Only We Could

•, By Jim Darlington

Just when we had enough of the deceptive demonization of Russia, laid upon us for the sole purpose of hindering Trump's ascent, we are provided a new reason to reinvigorate and improve that old bias. Trump is coming back and hard, so the best angle, jousting for top position amongst a host of other ploys now in play, is to go back to the tried and true. If Russia-Russia-Russia wasn't quite enough, the default choice of the truly unimaginative, is Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia. Any danger to my brain from my scratching fingers is rendered moot, as my head threatens to explode.

"Bipartisanship" at last! Did all the politicians across those hallowed aisles just get jealous of the Bidens' fabulously profitable Ukrainian graft, and decide to get a piece for themselves, while the Fed could still print money? Must be, methinks. Why else the wild flag-waving support, for sending billions, by the hundreds, to "the world's most corrupt government," without asking for so much as a receipt in return?! Where is it all going? "Why, to fight those rascally Rooskies, of course!"

And while we're at it, since we're not tracking a nickel on the dollar, how much can we imagine has been mandated, quietly, to be returned home to finance the ongoing "complete transformation of America," with a million here and there, on the side, for the faithful supporters? How many glasses are being raised, in the conspirators' private lairs, to finally showing up the Big Guy's paltry 10%? Did you see that? Someone said "conspirators"! Another conspiracy theory, so easily dismissed, by definition, as election-denier, white supremacist and racist dis-mis-info.

Would I care to pronounce myself a vile Putin Lover? I think not, lest a heavy thumping visit my door along with a few flash grenades through the windows, or, at best, be merely utterly canceled. Fortunately, it's a free country, so I'll be fine … right? But whether or not I think well of the former KGB Bond villain is irrelevant. The Russian people seem to support him broadly (if you care to believe the Russian polls). I will only go so far as to suggest that, just maybe, it was pure and evil lunacy to force his hand into this war.