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Donald Trump's Crypto Portfolio Soars to $7.5 Million, Fueled by TRUMP Coin's Ascension...

•, by Jamie Redman

After the former 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, saw his cryptocurrency holdings exceed $5 million, just ten days later, the value of Trump's digital asset collection has escalated to $7.5 million. This increase is largely due to $4.66 million emanating from the cryptocurrency he holds called TRUMP, which has experienced a significant uptick in value alongside a variety of other meme coin assets over the previous week.

TRUMP Coin Uplift Elevates Donald Trump's Crypto Wealth

The growth in Donald Trump's cryptocurrency portfolio is attributed to the appreciating value of ethereum (ETH) and the 579,281 maga (TRUMP) coins that were contributed to the former president's ETH wallet.

Ten days ago, the worth of Trump's TRUMP tokens stood at $2.98 million, and presently, it has ascended to $4.66 million. This indicates a more than 56% increase in the value of Trump's maga coins over the span of ten days.

Given the current high value, the cryptocurrency community is speculating on whether the ex-U.S. president will decide to sell the significant gift now that it holds considerable worth.

Beyond his TRUMP coin assets, Trump possesses 950,000 BABYTRUMP tokens, currently valued at $93,000, and an additional cryptocurrency also named TRUMP (distinct from the maga version) worth $18,000.

Moreover, the value of Trump's ethereum, acquired through the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has also increased. At present, the former president owns 370 wrapped ethereum (WETH) valued at $1.43 million and 342 ETH estimated at $1.29 million.