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Latest Polling: Trump Strengthens His LEAD in Key Battlegrounds on 2024 Election Map

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In today's update for the 2024 Decision Desk HQ polling average, we're going to explore the potential landscape of the 2024 electoral college map, drawing on the most recent polling data from Decision Desk HQ and The Hill.

In the most recent CBS News poll, Donald Trump is currently leading over President Biden in national support as we head towards the upcoming general election, which is still eight months away. President Biden has not been able to secure the same level of support from some important Democratic voter groups that he had in 2020. Despite facing potential issues due to legal matters, Donald Trump has managed to maintain strong support from his primary voter base.

Key Findings from Voter Groups:

Black Voters: A significant number of Black voters have expressed their intention to vote for President Biden. However, his support among this group has dropped since the 2020 election.

Hispanic Voters: President Biden still holds an advantage among Hispanic voters, but the gap between him and Trump has narrowed compared to the 2020 election. The Republican Party has made some gains with Hispanic voters in recent elections, and President Biden has struggled to convince many Black and Hispanic voters that their financial situation will improve if he is re-elected.