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Alert! Col. Macgregor Warns Dems Plan To Turn Guns On US Citizens Once Military Recruits Illegals

•, by Kelen McBreen

The Democrat-proposed "Courage to Serve Act" would offer illegal migrants an expedited path to citizenship if they serve in the U.S. military as it continues missing recruitment goals thanks to unpopular globalist wars and far-left ideology being pushed on soldiers.

Tucker explained the Democrat Party wants to "allow an invasion of the country, not use the military to stop it, and then populate the military with the people who are invading the country and hope for the best."

He also pointed out this would be one way a police state could easily be created in America where citizens are threatened at the barrel of a gun by foreign invaders.

Col. Macgregor suggested the current ruling class in America appears set to burn the country down and build their "Brave New World" on the ashes of the Republic.

He continued to note many of the illegals coming over now have no allegiance to American values or the Constitution and are instead looking for the benefits advertised by the Biden administration and Soros-run NGOs.

"None of these people are Americans, we know from having interviewed them they have no aspiration to be Americans. What they aspire to is to get in to the consumption machine. Get the ticket of entry, the free check, the free phone, the free transportation tickets, the free food, free medical care," he said.

The political establishment is telling the illegals they're bringing in that Americans who disagree with the status quo are criminals, Macgregor added before asking, "What better solution than finding people who have no connection to the American people, arming them, and then sending them out to oppress us?"

Check out the videos below for proof that there are not just military-aged men, but actual military men illegally entering America:

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