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Doritos Spain Hires "Trans" Pedo to Peddle Chips, Boycott Begins

•, by R. Cort Kirkwood

Samantha Hudson hates the traditional family and has mocked rape victims. And, his X feed shows, he fantasizes about sex with little girls. That makes him a pedophile.

And already the boycott has begun.

Another Day, Another Freak Show

The End Wokeness X feed summarized the case against Hudson:

"Doritos just picked Samantha Hudson as their brand ambassador in Spain," the post says:


Samantha Hudson:

-Admitted to being a pedophiIe

-Identifies as a non-binary trans girl

-Openly mocked victims of child r*pe

-An advocate for "annihiIating, completely destroying, and abolishing the traditional family"

Ian Miles Cheong offered some of Hudson's notoriously deranged comments.

"Doritos is doubling down on wokeness by hiring Samantha Hudson, a transgender 'woman' and self-admitted p*do as its brand ambassador in Spain, resulting in calls for the boycott of the company's products," he wrote:

He has expressed a desire to be with 12 year old girls. In addition to her apparent desire for minors, Samantha Hudson has also shown her contempt for women, even women who have been victims of abuse.

"I hate women who are victims of r*pe and who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma. What—heavy wh*res," he wrote. He also assured that "if a minor came to ask me for help because she is being a victim of s*xual harassment, I would spit [in] her face."