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The Endgame, Part I: The Russo-Ukrainian War And Geopolitics Of Europe

•, By Tuomas Malinen

While the vote count for this particular poll was not very high, an overwhelming majority supported this notion.

Before conducting the poll, developments in Ukraine in December and January had led me to ponder the outcome, or endgame, of the war. In September 2022, I had established an alternative to the western narrative of the war, spewed relentlessly by our media. In it, I argued that

Ukrainian losses are massive, passing Russian losses possibly 5-10 times.

The Russian army has not collapsed, but it may have become the strongest it has been since WWII.

The West (NATO) is fighting a proxy-war in Ukraine with the possible aim of regime change in Russia.

Russia is about to create a war-machine not seen in Europe for a very long time, which it could use to unleash a devastating attack against Ukrainian (NATO) forces during the winter.

In late-October 2022, I also noted that:

The massive force Russia is amassing and the all-but-halted progress of Ukrainian forces, tells me that we are most likely approaching a turning point in the war. In the worst case, this implies that Ukraine has already lost. Even in the best case (excluding peace) this means that the war will drag on and become a resource race between NATO and Russia.