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Is the Government Now in the Elder Abuse Business?

•, By Janet Phelan

The former tend to have substance abuse or mental health issues, while the latter are often typified as confused and vulnerable women who fall prey to online scams.

In fact, Sallas worked in real estate and garnered a small fortune before he fell prey to institutionalized US government abuse.

Cheerful and not prone to complaining, Dean, age 86, has been rendered homeless by his abuser. Dean is one of a growing number of individuals whose abuse has been inflicted by his own government.

The abuse report was filed by a social worker with the federal government. Delia de Avila works as head social worker with the homeless vets program at Lovell Veteran's Hospital in North Chicago, Illinois. During a lengthy conversation with Dean earlier this year, she announced she would file an APS abuse report.

Samantha Richardson with Adult Protective Services in Skokie was assigned the APS report. Her response was swift and aggressive. Morning found Samantha banging on the window of the car in which Dean spent the night. But when Richardson discovered that Dean Sallas was being abused by actions involving another government agency, the Cook County Public Guardian, which was aided and abetted in the abuse by a state court judge, Shauna Boliker, her investigation came to a screeching halt.

According to Dean Sallas, Richardson told him she was told to "stand down" and that APS would not investigate a sister agency. Richardson hastily got off the phone when this reporter called her to verify her statement and from that point on, will not return this reporter's calls.

Due to illegal actions approved by Judge Shauna Boliker, Sallas was deprived the natural protections of Illinois law, including the marital property statute, which would bar the Public Guardian from seizing any income or property in which Dean holds an interest. Dean Sallas is only in Boliker's court due to the fact that his wife, Amy, was put under a guardianship by Cook County Public Guardian and removed by force from the Skokie home she shared with her husband of over fifty years. Not content to interfere in their marriage, the Public Guardian denied Dean the ability to contact his wife by phone or through visitation. It should be noted that there are no verified abuse reports concerning Dean's treatment of his wife Amy is currently residing in Belmont Village in Buffalo Grove, Illinois