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Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Experts Say Fluoridated Water Not Safe to Drink

•, By Derrick Broze

On the final day of the lawsuit between the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a "fact check" was released in an attempt to quell public concern regarding the dangers of water fluoridation. The so-called fact check, CDC, Experts Say Fluoridated Water Is Safe, Contrary to RFK Jr.'s Warnings, reiterated what Americans have heard for the last 80 years: water fluoridation is safe and helps reduce cavities. Anyone who says otherwise is simply some nut on the internet who doesn't understand science. wasted no time letting the reader know that trustworthy institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and "multiple expert groups" want you to know that fluoride is totally safe and good for America. These groups include the American Dental Association, who is one of the original promoters of this practice, and certainly an organization that stands to lose if the public rejects fluoride as safe.

As indicated in the title, was focused on tweets from independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., including one from February 4th where he said, "As president. I'm going to order the CDC to take every step necessary to remove neurotoxic fluoride from American drinking water." also took issue with a tweet from Jason Bassler, co-founder of The Free Thought Project independent media website, and now also part of the TLAV team. Bassler's tweet was also posted on Instagram by other accounts. Neither of the accounts attracted more than 1,500 likes. The website took particular issue with his statement that "multiple studies confirm fluoride is a neurotoxin that violates the Toxic Substances Control Act and reduces IQ in kids."