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We Probably Have About a Year

• Eric Peters Autos

In pro wrestling, it's called a Kayfabe. Meaning, a staged portrayal of events. A heel – or bad guy – will pull a dirty trick on the face – the good guy. Such as hitting him over the head with a folding chair when his back is turned. Then the face will slowly recover, shake off the blow and put the heel in his place. Think Iron Sheik vs. Hulk Hogan.

That's a Kayfabe.

We may be seeing a match like that unfolding on the political stage right now. The heel is an unpleasant old grifter, as obviously senile as he is obviously corrupt. The crowd is enraged by his effrontery. By the way he clearly stole the title from the face, the Golden Golem of Greatness – as he is hilariously styled by James Howard Kunstler.

And now it's the face's turn.

Revenge is at hand!