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Stavroula Pabst: Crypto Players Getting Involved in Building CBDC Dystopia

• Geopolitics and Empire

Stavroula Pabst discusses the intersection between geopolitics and tech and the moves to implement CBDCs. Numerous crypto players (e.g. Stellar, Ripple, Ethereum) are getting involved in the CBDC space which sheds light on their true intentions. Some of the goals of these projects might include interoperability between cryptocurrencies and CBDCs which could still bring about the end goal of a totalitarian cashless system. Some of these players are megalomaniacs who want to play God. Stavroula is optimistic because the power elite still need a lot of things to go specifically right for them to be able implement their plans, which leaves a lot of room for failure. We also discuss multipolarity and how privacy services like Proton Mail might be compromised.