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Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine is DESTROYED, Texas Border is NEXT TARGET!

• Rumble - Stephen Garnder

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares shocking truths with Stephen Gardner about the Russia Ukraine war, Zelensky, Putin, and Israel. Ukraine has been destroyed by Russia. There are no more men to fight or to re-populate the country. Russia will move on Odessa and then a pocket of Maldova with 200,000 Russian citizens. The Texas Border crisis is intentional and the next big target for foreign invasion.

Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson's show, discussed various geopolitical issues, including NATO's role, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and the Texas border crisis. French President Emmanuel Macron's consideration of sending NATO troops to stop Putin raised questions about France's involvement and NATO's purpose. Tucker Carlson's views on NATO, suggesting its enrichment of the military-industrial complex, prompted discussions on NATO's relevance and financial costs. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer prioritizing Ukraine aid over the Texas border crisis highlighted political tensions.