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Eric Adams calls for an END to sanctuary cities as New York City struggles to care for...


New York Mayor Eric Adams has called for a radical overhaul of its sanctuary city status in a spectacular u-turn as the city buckles under the weight of migrant arrivals.

The Democrat leader has faced a furious backlash as schools, hotels and community centers have been turned over to the 180,000 migrants who he has warned will 'destroy' the city.

He has been a staunch defender of its decades-old sanctuary status which forbids city officials from asking questions about a person's immigration status, or revealing it to federal authorities.

But he revealed his change of heart after furious residents grilled him about migrant crimes including January's brutal Times Square attack on two cops that saw most of the suspects freed on bail within hours of their arrests.

'We need to modify the sanctuary city law that if you commit a felony or violent act we should be able to turn you over to ICE and have you deported,' he told a town hall meeting on Monday night.

More than 560 cities, states and counties have declared themselves sanctuaries since the early 1980s and New York adopted the status under former Democrat Mayor Ed Koch.

But sanctuary cities have been a favorite target of governors on the southern border who have bussed thousands of migrants north to them as the migration crisis has gathered steam.

Police in the city are not allowed to arrest anyone because they are an illegal immigrant and the city will not co-operate with an investigation by immigration authorities unless ordered to by a court.

Adams insisted 'We should protect our immigrants. Period.' when running for office in October 2021, adding: 'New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.'

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