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Bread and Circuses, Shooting, Net Zero Carbon Lifeforms, Lethal Injections, Cyber Attacks...

•, Jeff Berwick

The world is already nuts, and it just got nuttier! 

I said previously there seemed to be some alluding to something big happening at the Super Demon Bowl. 

In retrospect, I assume they didn't mean the 30-second commercial of Pedo Pete talking about ice cream and chips getting smaller and calling on companies to put a stop to "shrinkflation."

Or, that the winning side would be Team Taylor and Travis, Swift's Pfiery attack-boyfiend.

Or, although I doubt it, the Kansas City Super Bowl shooting might have been a rigged Roman circus, even if it was just to get some new focus on racial discrimination a la George Pfloyd. After all, the family of the 23-year-old (referred to as a 'teenager' by CNN and CBS) who shot 22 people at a parade for a football game set up a GoFundMe for the killer who is going through a "tragic time". 

It seems the 3D Video Game's scriptwriter is on holiday because we've seen it all before. Even down to the Chinese Spy Balloon, which mesmerized people for a month last February and… NO KIDDING! They're doing it again this February! And, it seems no one is noticing, they're just mesmerized all over again. 

 As Mark Rommel wrote in Mad World: The Seduction of Insanity: 

"The masses must be politicized before they can become of any use. The elite ply them with bread and circuses to keep them docile. The elite hate the idea of a politically engaged population. They want everyone to be watching TV, doing social media, and playing video games. Keep them distracted, keep them dumb, keep them useless."