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Is Graphene a Cure-All or Glyphosate 2.0?

•, by Tessa Lena

Graphene is here, at last! We the people, meaning, we the lowly peasants, can sigh a sigh of relief. Can you hear our celebratory breath? Sorry probably not behind our masks but trust us, we are celebrating, and following the science.

I mean, what took them so long to give us a wonder material enabling those wonderful futuristic sensors that will let us connect to the Internet of Bodies and have our caring, wise masters monitor our biological state and nudge us to do the right thing, for our own good — not to mention the good of the community and the collective grandmas?

We know, this material has not really been tested for biological safety in a meaning way but we are used to it by now, and we've trained ourselves to not worry our little heads about such silly things. As long as they show us at least ten shiny commercials saying that it's safe, our bodies will replace their outdated chemistry with the contents of the new commercials. Science!

Laws of nature? Forget them, we are above … meaning, our masters are above, we are below, but below is above. Kind of like, we are not engineers, so we can't really decide the directions. And what matters to the peasants is that we're in this together, and we have been waiting and waiting and drumming our fingers for someone to connect us to a really important network of computers to monitor our bodies with care … and our wait is finally over! We are in this together!

We — and we are speaking for all the lowly peasants — are feeling very good and grateful that we can now count on the masters to monitor our biological functions, as opposed to empowering our own immune systems that have only been around for millions of years. So we are truly relieved by the all this Fourth Industrial Revolution and other related progress. Phew!