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Beyond Humanoid Robots

•, by Brian Wang

More capable mass produced humanoid robots will be even more transformative. The NASA construction has 1% of the mass of water for the total construction volume. Lightweight and modular construction will create structures that have over 100 times the mass and volume of the SpaceX Starship. The current SpaceX Starship has over 1000 cubic meters of volume and with future SpaceX engines will be to take over 200 tons into space. Lightweight systems would be able to build 200,000 cubic meters of structure and the robots could mine and do even more construction.

NASA Ames team created and tested prefabricated voxels standardized reconfigurable building blocks. They built a set of 256 of those blocks—extremely strong 3D structures made with a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer called StattechNN-40CF. Each block had fastening interfaces on every side that could be used to reversibly attach them to other blocks and form a strong truss structure.