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Understanding The Trump Phenomenon: It's Not What The Elites Think

•, by Lipton Matthews

His status as the most likely contender to challenge Joe Biden is upsetting establishment figures who think that Trump's ascent threatens democracy. Trump is constantly pilloried by the mainstream media as a demagogue who emboldens the racist underbelly of American society. Emotions run rampant, but Trump's villainy has been grossly exaggerated.

After winning the presidency in 2016, pundits thought that Trump would revert America to an era of racism. These predictions swayed many even though they failed to materialize. Donald Trump did not govern as a racist but rather pandered to racial minorities and women. Trump constantly pitched economic plans to galvanize the support of blacks and Hispanics. Like previous presidents he endorsed policies to promote women in science to the dismay of critics and was a relentless advocate for female empowerment.

During his tenure, Trump collaborated with nonwhite communities and often boasted that he had done more for them than previous presidents. Racism and sexism were not the hallmark of his presidency. Trump earnestly borrowed from the liberal playbook by passionately selling his message to minorities. Being an astute politician, Trump quickly endeared himself to women and minorities, instead of pandering to the chauvinism of white nationalists. In fact, Trump bolstered his popularity in minority communities but received diminishing support from whites.

Trump's presidency was fixated on expanding his base of minority supporters to such a great extent that readers were frequently bombarded with stories explaining his outreach to minority communities. The gains made by blacks and Hispanics under the Trump presidency were covered extensively by the media. Unemployment rates for blacks, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and disabled individuals plummeted to record lows. Declining poverty rates for blacks and Hispanics were also consistent with the Trump presidency's trends of progress.

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