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Massachusetts school requests National Guard to be brought in to crackdown on students...


Committee members at a Massachusetts school have requested that the National Guard be brought in to deal with unruly students 'causing chaos'.

Violence and security concerns have been raised at Brockton High School, with 11 students arrested and criminally charged just last week after a brawl in the school.

Committee members Joyce Asack, Tony Rodrigues, Claudio Gomes and Ana Oliver requested immediate assistance last week 'to prevent a potential tragedy'.

Their letter said: 'Over the past few months, our high school has experienced a disturbing increase in incidents related to violence, security concerns, and substance abuse.

'The situation has reached a critical point, more recently we had an alarming 35 teachers absent, underscoring the severity of the challenges we are facing.'

The letter added: 'We are formally requesting that you reach out to Governor Healey and request the deployment of the National Guard to assist in restoring order, ensuring the safety of all individuals on the school premises, and implementing measures to address the root causes of the issues we are facing.'

Cellphone footage obtained by NBC Boston shows students fighting in a stairwell at the school. 

Other video seen by Boston 25 shows two individuals brawling inside what appears to be a classroom. 

The two students throw each other around the round, exchanging kicks and punches with each other as a crowd gathers to watch the violence unfold. 

Several individuals can be seen throwing punches and attacking each other during the melee. 

Earlier this month, teachers voiced their concerns during an emergency committee meeting and shared their experiences.

The Enterprise reported that teacher Eleri Merrikin told the meeting that: 'They're having sex and doing drugs and cutting class in empty classrooms.'