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The Missing Crossfire Hurricane Binder: President Trump Demanded its Contents Be Released

• The Gateway Pundit

President Trump declassified a binder on January 19th, 2021.

The now infamous binder contains hundreds of pages about the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved in our government. Two different DOJ Attorney General's have defied President Trump's direct lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal Register. It's been over three years now, and the DOJ continues to defy the presidential order and every FOIA request to make it public. Can we now raid the homes of former acting AG Monty Wilkinson, and current AG Merrick Garland?

You can still find the link to this memorandum of declassification here.

The DOJ had already made redactions to protect sources and methods, and returned the binder back to the White House before Trump left office. But the corrupt FBI also wanted to hide names of those involved in the scandal. So, at the last minute, the DOJ demanded the binder comply with the 1974 Privacy Act. The Act requires any "agency" that releases records to also hide personal or identifiable name information. The DOJ knew this Act didn't apply to the White House, it was a stall tactic. The courts decided this 22 years ago that the Privacy Act was based on FOIA requests, and the White House is not an agency.

The page below came from the memorandum on declassification of the materials like to the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane scandal.