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China Already Has A Large Army Inside America - Gatestone Institute Expert:

•, By Susan Duclos

China already has a huge military presence inside of the U.S., according to multiple sources, since they have been planning the destruction of America for decades, if not longer. The influx spoken about below is part of the endgame, not the beginning as China prepares to drop the hammer on the U.S.A.  They softened America up with Covid-19, harming us economically, emotionally, and mentally, and now they are completing their invasion of America with tens of thousands more military aged men.  

Since 2021 Joe Biden, or whoever is actually making the decisions on the part of the White House, has allowed an actual invasion by illegal immigrants. These people are coming from a number of different nations, some of which are hostile to the U.S., such as Russia and China.

A decade ago, 60% of those illegally entering America were Mexican nationals. In 2023, only 30% of those crossing are actually Mexican, while the majority has come from Venezuala, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Peru, El Salvador, Russia, India, Brazil and China.

We hear a lot about the border, and the comparisons between the Trump White House, and the years since Biden began occupying the White House, but a picture, or in this case a graph from the Guardian, offers a visual that cannot adequately be explained with mere words.

Even the spike under Trump right before the declaration of the pandemic, when reports from China indicated that the CDC , WHO and others would soon be declaring a pandemic, while many rushed to the border, was nowhere near the out-of-control open borders under Biden.

As an aside: It is also noteworthy that Trump was forced to use Executive Orders because Congress, Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), blocked his border security efforts during his entire term.

For those that would claim that Biden isn't responsible, there are a number of facts that show those claims to be outright lies.