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Navalny and Lira: A Case Study in Western Hypocrisy

• - Karen Kwiatkowski

He was serving a long sentence, one the Biden administration raged about:  the Russian judiciary had convicted him of several crimes including fraud, embezzlement, "inciting extremist activities" and "rehabilitating Nazi ideology."

I'm sure Donald Trump can sense the irony.

Navalny's recent incarceration in Siberia comes of the heels of a less reported imprisonment and death of an actual pro-democracy, transparency, anti-corruption US, UK, and Ukrainian gadfly – who died of untreated pneumonia in a Ukrainian prison.  Gonzalo Lira, a 55-year-old American citizen, married father of two, was a journalist and commentator.  He had been charged by Kiev, without a date or plan for a trial, with "justifying Russian aggression against Ukraine." Lira was said to have violated Ukrainian criminal code, a code Lincoln, Wilson and FDR would have enthusiastically enforced.