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It Is Past Time for Washington to Come to Its Senses

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Recently I reported on Steven Starr's new book that  one, two or three high altitude blasts, depending on altitude, is all it takes to collapse the US and leave it in total chaos without having to do any ground damage.  See: 

Brighteon's report says the orbital system is live:

Russia goes live with orbital nuke platform: Capitol Hill on edge as multi-megaton warheads threaten the skies

According to sources, Russia has just gone live with an orbital nuke platform that can drop nuclear warheads out of orbit at any time, detonating over key U.S. cities and military basis without warning and with zero chance of being intercepted.

Capitol Hill is in a panic, describing Russia's new technology as "destabilizing" and calling for urgent action to somehow counter Russia's military weapons advantage.

The U.S. military, meanwhile, is too busy being "woke" to build any new technology. Russia has orbital nukes, but the U.S. Navy has drag queens and trannies in charge. Do not wonder how this ends…

Other sources collected by Simplicius treat the orbital platform as a threat in process: