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Put the beer down, Travis - it's not IF Taylor dumps you... but WHEN: After the coach bashing...


Did she know he was trouble?

America, brace for impact: It looks like the romance of the century (wink wink) may already be over.

The once-sparkling future of our prom king and queen, the football star and the head cheerleader, has almost certainly been dashed by one very public rage explosion, drunken disorder, and a spectacularly insensitive decision to party hard after a mass shooting at his Super Bowl parade.

Mere hours after 22 fans were shot — nine children among them, a young mother dead — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce thought it was a great idea to hit 'Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar' and take selfies with cops while carrying an open beer bottle on the street, having earlier taken to the parade stage looking far too drunk to speak.

'Caveman' and 'douchebag' were two descriptors used by outraged fans on social media.

Warning to Travis Kelce: look no further than Taylor Swift's songbook to glimpse your imminent future.

To quote 'Bad Blood': 'Did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted. Did you have to ruin what was shiny? Now it's all rusted'.

As we well know, Team Taylor will allow no one or nothing to smear her assiduously crafted image.

Bodies are strewn all over her lyrics, ex-boyfriends accused of terrible behavior, her canon built on broken romances, victimization, and the reclaiming of her 'power'.

This narrative arc has made her a billionaire. Who thinks that Swift is going to jeopardize her image for some trashy football player she leveled up to global fame?

The first red flag emerged at Sunday's Super Bowl itself, when Kelce pushed his 65-year-old coach, Andy Reid, and roared his outrage in front of 125 million viewers – fury all over his reddened face.