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Southern Border Crisis Is Bigger Than Texas

•, By Neenah Payne

President Trump shows in a video below that the bill in Congress is not necessary and will not solve the crisis. Since Biden has the authority to close the border (as Trump did), no bill is necessary – especially one that allows 5,000-8,500 illegals in every day! Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) explains in a video below how destructive Biden's open border policy is for America. It's nothing short of treason!

Biden's re-election year crisis can be described in 4 words: It's the border, stupid | New York Post

Biden has given $75 billion to Ukraine and is demanding that Congress give him $60 billion more for Ukraine as a condition for addressing the US border issue. The video below explains the current situation.

IT ONLY Started In Texas…Biden JUST Created A Nationwide Disaster 1/28/24

Trump Blasts Biden's Bad Border Bill

Trump, House Republicans plot to kill border deal

Illegal immigration has rocketed to the top of voters' concerns, and Biden has become increasingly desperate for a solution…. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.)….called the deal "dead on arrival" on Friday, then doubled down over the weekend, claiming it wouldn't do enough to stop illegal border crossings…. The border bill….will include a measure that effectively would block illegal border crossers from asylum once the number of migrant encounters hits a daily average of 5,000 in a week or 8,500 on a single day, as Axios has reported.

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