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Stanford's Dark Hand in Twitter Censorship

• Thomas Adamo, Josiah Joner

The documents confirmed what many conservatives already knew deep down: that Twitter was actively suppressing free speech on behalf of the federal government.

Matt Taibbi's two latest "Twitter Files" drops revealed that Stanford played a direct role in this gross violation of online free speech. Emails revealed that the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) actively collaborated with Twitter to suppress information they knew was factually true. Taibbi's investigation revealed that Stanford's Virality Project "recommends that multiple platforms take action even against 'stories of true vaccine side effects' and 'true posts which could fuel hesitancy.'"

The project succeeded in getting big tech companies to take down about 35% of the content they flagged. They reviewed content en masse from almost every major social media company: Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, TikTok, and Pinterest were all monitored by SIO. The questionable censorship decisions by the group all seemed to go in one direction—shutting down the now-vindicated Dr. Scott Atlas and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, while taking direct guidance from Anthony Fauci about the supposed falsehood of the lab leak theory.

In short, the Stanford Internet Observatory's Virality Project had countless people—mostly Stanford students—reporting millions of Twitter posts that didn't comply with their standards. Even posts that were factually true faced censorship if they didn't conform to the subjective whims of SIO officials.

The evidence points to a para-governmental fusion of universities, social media companies, and the federal government, all working to censor free speech. We at the Review take Stanford's actions to suppress speech very seriously. Stanford cannot be allowed to sweep this gross violation of fundamental freedoms under the rug. The University must answer for their actions.