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Bob Marley: One Love biopic is praised by fans who say the film is 'amazing'...


Bob Marley: One Love has been praised by film fans after its release in cinemas on February 14.

The biopic, which charts the life of Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley, stars Kingsley Ben-Adir in the title role while Lashana Lynch plays his wife Rita.

Fans took to social media after being among the first to watch the film on Valentine's Day with most giving it a positive review.

One fan wrote on X: 'Saw Bob Marley's One Love movie at the cinema today. Totally recommend. What a man!'

Another wrote: 'If you're even remotely interested in his story or music... highly recommend Bob Marley: One Love... loved it!'

A third wrote: 'Bob Marley: One Love is brillriant,' while a fourth added: 'Just been to the cinema with my son and watched One Love, amazing film.'

Another penned: 'Back home from watching One Love. Fantastic movie and wonderful tribute to the legendary Bob Marley. Was in an almost full screening. Predicting this film to be a major box office success.'

The singer Omarion also gave his verdict on the film, writing: 'Bob Marley is one of those larger than life artists. Growing up in a household that religiously played his music contributed to the conscious intention to my music.

'Thank you Peter Tosh Andrew Tosh & Bob Marley #OneLove was an amazing peak into the soul of the legend. He only died at 36. Rest in power. And still the champion. The lion. Got to see so many talented faces that night go watch this film!'