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Evil Attacking the Air - Weston Warren

• USA Watchdog

As evil scientists made plans to poison humanity through the air, good scientists, such as Warren, perfected his air scrubbing technology that works to combat all airborne contaminants.  Warren explains, "You need information to come up with a strategy for you and your family.  If you think someone else, 'white hats,' a government agency, if you think someone else is going to protect you and your family, I think you are sorely mistaken."

What is coming down the road are vaccines that you can inhale, according to Bill Gates.  Warren says, "This is exactly what he is talking about.  You have these dried vaccines that can be dispersed in the air.  You have long shelf life and no refrigeration. . . . You don't need any medical staff.  You don't need syringes and needles. . . .  You can deliver technology without people's permission."

Before we get to the next vaccine, Warren says we will have the next pandemic, and that will also travel in the air.  Warren says, "If I was thinking of a military strategy, I would want to weaken a population first.  I would make sure I would decimate and damage your immune system.  If I was successful in ruining the immune system, that would be the time to release a second or third engineered pathogen.  . . . That's what I think is the potential attack coming next."