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San Diego border agents arrest 269 Chinese migrants in a single DAY amid growing concern...


San Diego Border Patrol agents have faced an untenable flood of Chinese migrants sneaking over the border each day, raising fears over the growing influence of the hostile state in the US. 

Border sources claim that 269 Chinese migrants were apprehended by CBP officials in a single day this week, according to Fox NewsBill Melugin - with the number not including those who manage to cross undetected. 

Chinese nationals now make up the largest growing demographic of migrants crossing the porous US-Mexico border. And 2024 is already well on-track to easily exceed the staggering 37,000 Chinese migrants who were apprehended by the CBP in the 2023 fiscal year.

So far in the 2024 fiscal year, which began in October, over 20,000 Chinese migrants have been apprehended. In 2021, this number stood at just 342. 

It comes after a US Border Patrol chief warned that his agents are being overwhelmed by the flood of Chinese migrants, fearing poor verification measures mean they could be missing Communist spies, revealed last week.

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