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Where To Go During the Collapse

•, By Milan Adams

Where is the best place to live in the US during and after the apocalypse?

While trying to figure out the answer, I've looked inside of prepping blogs to find a consensus for the criteria known to be essential for any place to survive in during the wake of such an event. That is, any event that can potentially destabilize society to the point of no return to normal any time soon. It will be important for you to have whatever supplies you need ready ahead of time before you travel to your destination. So start getting ready.

That being said, the criteria for the best area to survive in can be broken into three categories:

1. Human factors, 2. Natural factors, and 3. Economic factors

Human Factors:

Low population density (40 people per sq. mile or less)

Distance to major/minor cities (50+ miles away)

Distance to military bases (50+ miles away)

Distance to nuclear power plants (100+ miles away)

Distance to interstate highways

Low poverty rate

Low violent crime rate

Natural Factors:

Easy access to fresh water

Abundance of wild game

Low natural disaster risk

Dense forest cover

Adequate soil textures

Adequate rainfall

Low drought risk

Home Grown Food