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Watch: Black Comedian Triggers Crowd With George Floyd Joke

•, by Kelen McBreen

Popular comedian David Lucas had "the show from Hell" last month when a large group of his audience walked out due to a joke mocking the controversial death of George Floyd.

Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose after being arrested and pinned down by a cop's knee on his neck.

During his act in Kansas City, Missouri, Lucas dealt with a black man in the audience heckling him by saying, "You wanting to show them the reason George Floyd got his neck kneeled on."

When the crowd responded with an "Oooo," the comedian answered, "Don't 'ooo' at that joke. It's just a joke, man. I would have never kneeled on George Floyd's neck. I would have shot that nigga…"

Next, several black audience members started leaving the venue because they were triggered by the joke.

"You need to know about George Floyd before you get your ass up there talking about him," one man yelled at the entertainer, adding, "You really stoop low to be funny, you know that?"

Lucas took advantage of the interruptions by mocking the people fleeing his jokes, saying one guy looked like Bill Cosby and telling a woman, "I can tell you voted for Biden."

"I like Kyle Rittenhouse too!" he shouted at the people exiting the building early.

The Austin, Texas, based comedian told one woman who was leaving, "George Floyd would have robbed you, too."

As a good portion of his crowd left, Lucas said, "I'm gonna title this YouTube video 'The Show From Hell.'"