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Ron Paul for President

• By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Ginny wrote:


We know Biden is not a man of peace. This week Trump did not tell the Nevada Caucus rally audience he opposed sending billions for the war in Ukraine, instead he said European nations should contribute more. And, after a long pause, RFK Jr. when questioned by comedian/podcaster Dave Smith said he didn't know if he was concerned about Israel's influence over American foreign policy. So much for RFK Jr. being the antiwar candidate. It looks like anyone wanting to vote for an authentic pro-peace presidential candidate is going to have to write in the name of Ron Paul."

Dr. Ron Paul is our greatest living American, and he is sound on all issues. None of the other candidates is sound on all issues. You might object, "It would be great if Ron would run—but he won't! The answer to that is simple. We have to draft him!

I spoke about being sound on all issues, and the most important of these issues is the one Ginny mentioned—being anti-war. Ron has been clear that the neocon gang who control brain-dead Biden have always been trying to get us into war. Here is what he said about them last December:

"Over the weekend Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained to the American people what's really wrong with US foreign policy. Some might find his conclusions surprising.

The US standing in the world is damaged not because we spent 20 years fighting an Afghan government that had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11. The problem has nothing to do with neocon lies about Iraq's WMDs that led untold civilian deaths in another failed "democratization" mission. It's not because over the past nearly two years Washington has taken more than $150 billion from the American people to fight a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine.

It's not the military-industrial complex or its massive lobbying power that extends throughout Congress, the think tanks, and the media.