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Fridge Power Consumption - How Much Power Does my Fridge Consume

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How much power does a refrigerator use? Understanding your fridge's energy demands is crucial if you're considering or already living off-grid. Join me as I explore the power consumption of my fridge, providing a real-life case study that sheds light on this common question.

We break down essential terms like Rated Power, Duty Cycle, and Daily Energy Usage. With my medium-sized apartment fridge as an example, rated at 75 watts and monitored for a week, we reveal insights into its daily 600Wh consumption and how these figures translate into planning your solar setup.

Discover the key to sizing your solar system to support a refrigerator, including the necessary battery and solar panel requirements to ensure continuous operation. I'll guide you through calculating for a system with 3 days of autonomy and the considerations for sun hours, mainly focusing on a winter scenario in Florida. Plus, I'll introduce you to an invaluable tool – the off-grid solar calculator available on my website. This is the link: 

The choice of inverter is also pivotal when powering fridges off-grid. We discuss the importance of accounting for the power surge when the compressor starts, which can be up to six times the fridge's rated power. Learn why I chose a 600W inverter for my setup and how you can select the right one for yours.

Lastly, we'll cover practical tips to reduce your fridge's power consumption and enhance its lifespan, from the placement of your fridge to the benefits of keeping it full and regularly defrosting.