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Do Heart Attack Symptoms Vary Between Men and Women?

•, By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack is important so you can get emergency medical care without delay, but signs may vary significantly between men and women.

Females are more likely to have atypical heart attack symptoms, like fatigue and nausea, while men tend to experience more classic signs, including chest pain. This may be why, even though the incidence of heart attack is higher in men than in women, females have a greater one-year mortality rate after suffering from one.2

Women Have More Unusual Heart Attack Symptoms Than Men

Researchers with Nova Southeastern University in Florida conducted a systematic review of 74 studies examining differences in heart attack symptoms among women and men. Some similarities were noted in the research, published in Cureus, with both women and men reporting chest pain and chest tightness or pressure as the most common symptoms upon arrival at a hospital.

But men reported chest pain 13% to 15% more often than women as their No. 1 symptom, and were more likely to experience a burning or pricking pain sensation and sweating. Other typical symptoms reported by both sexes include pain in the chest, arm or jaw with a dull, heavy, tight or crushing sensation. Women were more likely to experience atypical symptoms than men, however, including the following:3




Fear of death