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TSA Rolls Out Facial Recognition To All 'Federalized' Airports


Joe Biden's Transportation Security Administration is moving forward with plans to expand facial-recognition technology at 430 U.S. airports despite the fact that a bill has been introduced with bipartisan support calling for the government to end the invasive policy of stealing the biometric data of millions of airport passengers.

The TSA says it will install enhanced Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) devices at the airports, an upgrade from previous units used in a pilot program at nearly 30 U.S. airports.

The latest CAT scanners, known as CAT-2 units, incorporate facial recognition technology by capturing real-time pictures of travelers and comparing them against their photo IDs. These units have been deployed at nearly 30 airports nationwide and will now be rolled out at more than 400 "federalized" airports in the coming years, reports MSN.

As of now, participation in facial recognition screenings is supposedly optional for travelers, who can choose to stick with the standard physical ID verification process. But there have been countless firsthand accounts from airport passengers who have indicated that they were not given any option by TSA to reject the face scans.

The CAT-2 units utilize one-to-one verification, comparing photos against government-issued identification. They say they delete the images from their system soon after taking them (who are they fooling, we know they keep this data for a very long time if not indefinitely).

According to MSN: "The TSA emphasizes that photos are not stored after a positive ID match, except during limited testing for evaluating technology effectiveness. This testing involves a block of two to four weeks at specific locations, with data collected and submitted to the DHS Science and Technology Directorate for independent analysis."