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What is Neo? Our in-house Large Language Model (LLM) trained on REALITY content...

•, by: Mike Adams

"Neo" is the working name of our in-house Large Language Model (LLM or just "language model" for short) that we are training on reality-based content as part of our project to release a free, open source LLM to this public this coming March.

Neo is being created through a process of retraining a base model with truthful content created by alternative media publishers and analysts who are original, intelligent thinkers and whose views reflect the real world, not the imaginary delusional world that the corporate media tries to project onto its readers. As a result, Neo will be the most accurate LLM in the world when it comes to answering questions accurately and honestly across many key areas such as biology, climate, world events, history, natural medicine and so on. For example, most LLMs today will tell you that men can get pregnant. That's because they're trained on "woke" content that's rooted in mass mental illness. That's why the large, corporate LLMs seem so insane and stupid at times.

Because Neo is being trained on reality content, it will be one of the few "sane" LLMs in existence. Our first focus with Neo is training it on content related to nutrition, herbs, natural medicine, permaculture, self-reliance and similar subjects. With our very first public release -- slated for the end of March of this year -- you will be able to freely download, install and run this LLM on your own local computer (Mac, Windows, Linux). You will then be able to ask it questions on almost any subject imaginable. It will give you answers in text format, just like a chat bot. This will be released as an "experimental" model under our non-profit entity, as there is no commercial motive behind this model release.

If you'd like to be informed of the model release, simply subscribe to our free email newsletter (see above, top right) and get on our email list. To see what Neo is capable of, we are now publishing articles using the very early Neo 0.1 engine, which is barely trained on our material. See this article on Natural News to see what Neo is capable of producing.

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