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Canada: The Grand Deception, Part 1

•, By Timm Stein

It had been 150 years since Canada confederated and become an independent country. But did it really?

The basis for this celebration goes all the way back to 1867. On March 29th, 1867, the British North America (BNA) Act received Royal Assent (meaning it was formally approved by the ruling monarch at the time, Queen Victoria). It went into effect on July 1st, 1867. Since then, July 1st has been celebrated as Canada Day and the majority of people refer to this BNA Act as the Constitution of Canada. This BNA Act of 1867 was not and is not a constitution. In 1864, at the Quebec Conference, delegates from the five British North American colonies met to discuss and form a proposed confederation, a unification into a single country. The delegates agreed on a set of 72 resolutions known as the Quebec Resolutions. From these 72 resolutions, the BNA Act of 1867 adopted only those that were beneficial to the British monarchy. The final BNA Act was actually drafted without any input from delegates from the colonies. The colonists were ultimately betrayed by Sir John A. Macdonald. Let's look at the BNA Act of 1867 in more detail.

The BNA Act of 1867 defines the Union of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Novia Scotia and New Brunswick as One Dominion under the Name of Canada. The Province of Upper Canada would become the Province of Ontario, and the Province of Lower Canada would become the Province of Quebec. However, what exactly is a Dominion? The Interpretations Act of 1889, Section 18, Paragraph 3, written by the Imperial Parliament, defines a dominion to be a British colony. Therefore, Canada was clearly proclaimed to be a British colony. By definition a colony is not a free, independent country. It should therefore be clear that Canada did not confederate in 1867. As further evidence, there are no Articles of Confederation anywhere to be found. There is also no original copy of the signed BNA Act of 1867 available in Canada, because this document is the sole property of the British monarchy.

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