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DNA-Based Identification and Tracking System

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By Maryam Henein

Are the masses aware of the Transhumanist Agenda? Of course, it will take decades to develop and implement, but it is in motion. It's a storyline that hasn't reared its ugly head in the mainstream or gotten the coverage it deserves. Not Really. But make no mistake, these jabs were used to see what happens when you inject certain things like nano lipids. This was/is a live exercise. They collect data as they go. No more time for mice. There was literally a discussion in June 2020 to debate the pros and cons of bypassing animals in 'the face of an emergency.'

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You are the lab rat now.

In 2020, I couldn't utter anything 5G for fear of getting deleted. I had to call it 'CincoGeo." in 2020, they installed towers across the nation and while the economy tanked that industry THRIVED.