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Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania… Farmers All Over Europe Take a Stand...

•, By Paul Serran

The European continent is in turmoil, plagued by a multitude of self-inflicted maladies coming from the insane, failed globalist policies pushed by the EU: unchecked mass migration, unemployment, economic stagnation, LGBTQ lunacy, and – of course – the crippling climate alarmist 'green' regulations.

Perhaps no other sector of the economy was more impacted by the green lunacy than Agriculture.

European farmers, as in one voice, say that the green policies and taxes are taking them to the very edge of bankruptcy, in what becomes in all practical terms a 'manufactured famine'.

So the protests have sprung up all over Europe, ahead of the EU elections in June, with the Agricultural workers demanding more government subsidies and protection from cheap grain from abroad.

The local demands vary, but they all claim to be taking the hardest hit from environmental reforms, and therefore they need more government subsidies to offset them.

Euronews reported:

"In Romania, farmers and truckers have been clogging up main roads with their tractor and trucks for a week and a half now. They're demanding lower taxes and fairer subsidies, but so far talks with the government have failed, and they're continuing to protest. They're also angry over the growing cost of insurance for heavy machinery."

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