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Controversial Ideas: Charles Murray Challenges the Mainstream Narrative

•, John Stossel

Murray is racist and sexist, say activists, because he wrote the book, "The Bell Curve," which says that IQs differ by race, and that blacks, on average, have a lower IQ than whites. "Do you believe that blacks are intellectually inferior?" I ask him. "If you give mental tests to a represented sample of whites and a representative sample of blacks, there will be about a one standard deviation difference," Murray explains. "To then translate that into people being inferior and superior is idiotic." "East asians, on average, have a higher IQ than whites. Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQs," Murray adds. It's just a fact. Many researchers say Murray is correct. Still, lots of people want no discussion about racial differences. Murray has been "cancelled." But Murray has interesting ideas that deserve to be heard… NOT shouted down. You can listen to him here on STOSSEL TV.