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Speakers Challenge World Economic Forum's Globalist Agenda

•, By Neenah Payne

The video below reports that WEF Founder Klaus Schwab said, "The anti-system movement is dismantling the system". He says there's a "revolution against the system".

WEF Doubles Down on "Disinformation"

The following links show that the WEF said at Davos in January that disinformation and misinformation are the number one concerns of the Global Risk Report!

Global Risks 2024: At a turning point

Ursula von der Leyen: misinformation is world's gravest problem.

The EU chief wants leaders to tackle 'industrial-scale' fake news

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today declared that "misinformation and disinformation" are greater threats to the global business community than war and climate change.

"For the global business community, the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate," she said in her speech at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos. "It is disinformation and misinformation, followed closely by polarisation within our societies."

The solution, according to von der Leyen, is for businesses and governments to collaborate to quash disinformation. "Many of the solutions lie not only in countries working together but, crucially, on businesses and governments, businesses and democracies working together," she said. "While governments hold many of the levers to deal with the great challenges of our time, business have [sic] the innovation, the technology, the talents to deliver the solutions we need to fight threats like climate change or industrial-scale disinformation."