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Davos Admits Possibility Of Ukraine Defeat - Claims Putin Will Target EU Next

•, by Tyler Durden

The panel represents, at the very least, an admission by the globalists that Ukraine could be defeated by Russia despite the deluge of money, armaments and intel assets that Ukraine has been given access to by western governments.

Since 2022, the narrative has shifted from talk of complete victory over Russia including the retaking of the Donbas and even Crimea, to merely holding the current front and keeping a steady supply of ammo and recruits.  

The realities on the ground cannot be denied.  The long vaunted "counter-offensive" that was supposed to crush Russian forces was a complete failure.  No significant ground was gained and no significant victories have been won.  It was a considerable propaganda error to hype up the counter-offensive the way Ukraine did, because when it turned out to be a dud all their other claims quickly came under suspicion.   

At the end of 2023, the average age of Ukrainian soldiers was older than 40 (compare this to the US where the average age is 27).  Rumors out of Ukraine abound that most younger soldiers are dead and that collection teams (government enforcers) now prowl the streets of cities like Kiev.  They search for and kidnap any fighting age men they find, only to send them to the front with little or no training.  

These are the kinds of stories that go mostly ignored by the wider western media.  When they are mentioned, it is usually in support of the Ukrainian government, chastising people who don't want to fight and die in a globalist proxy war as "draft dodgers."  The level to which journalists have acted as a propaganda arm of NATO and Ukraine has been grotesque, but it does help to explain why so many Americans and Europeans were deluded about the war for so long.  All they have heard about for the past two years is that Ukraine is on the verge of imminent victory.

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